TeeFury is at it again. We shared one of their shirts earlier in the week that mashup The Legend of Zelda and Doctor Who. Today brings not one, but four new designs and an opportunity to earn some cool pins.

Today’s shirt is called Yellow Companion, and it features none other than Pikachu. As always, this TeeFury shirt will run you $11. Today’s offer is a bit different, though. If you purchase Yellow Companion and one of the other three shirts (Red, Blue, or Green), you’ll get a set of gym badge pins.

Unsurprisingly, Red, Blue, and Green feature Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. In addition to the silhouettes, the shirts feature trainers that might be familiar to fans of the series.

You can check them out now on TeeFury, but you’ve only got until 11:59 PM Eastern to purchase. 

[Source: TeeFury]