Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut recently released on PlayStation Vita, and it is coming to PC at the end of this month, which is earlier than originally planned.

Lone Survivor released on PC last year, but it came to PlayStation Vita last month with additional content in the form of a director's cut. That director's cut content was apparently meant to have two-months of exclusivity on the Sony handheld, but Sony is apparently allowing the PC version of the content to release almost a month early, according to the game's creator.

[Source: @JasperByrne]

Our Take
The early expiration of Lone Survivor's exclusivity is notable for a few reasons. It shows how willing Sony is to work with independent game developers in the age of the importance and high-frequency of timed-exclusives. In this recent video showcasing the PlayStation 4, one of the major selling points of the new console is the presence of exclusive content for Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs, which will no longer be exclusive after six months. It's surprising to see Sony relax the exclusivity contract in this situation, and makes me wonder if Sony will allow more of its exclusive games to quickly jump over to PC.