It's the end of an era. Nintendo has ceased production of the Wii according to the product page. Next to the images of the console the word 生産終了 (discontinued) appears.

The console was launched on November 19, 2006 in the United States, and demand was extremely high during the first year. This was compounded by short supply. As of July 2013, Nintendo had shipped over 100 million Wii units. 

Update: Nintendo has confirmed that this only impacts Japan. The Wii will be sold in North America and other territories at least through the holidays.

[Source: Nintendo via CVG]


Our Take
For better or worse, the Wii introduced motion controls to living-room gaming. While many decried the waggle-based gameplay mechanics that the Wii remote led to, there are developers that adeptly implemented the unique control scheme. 

Titles like Trauma Team and Boom Blox smartly made use of the Wii remote, and Nintendo's own Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart Wii, and Legend of Zelda titles were quite enjoyable with the default control scheme. Nintendo found purchase with non-traditional consumers, proving out the company's goal to welcome new audiences.

Unfortunately, the company has yet to repeat that success with the Wii U. The messaging has been confusing, and the families that purchase the Wii as their first console are either unaware of the Wii U or simply haven't been convinced of the need for an upgrade.