Siri has the option of using Wolfram Alpha, a computational knowledge engine, to help source answers to your queries. It allows the software to pull specific answers to specific questions without having to just provide you a list of Googled websites. Recently, Wolfram Alpha added a wealth of Pokémon data to its database.

You can activate Siri and say things like, "Search Wolfram for Charizard," which returned the data you see above, or things like, "What type of Pokémon is Pikachu?" to which Siri will audibly reply, "The answer is electric." Siri and Wolfram can even pull in data like Pokémon weight and footprint appearance when requested. When I asked, "What type of Pokémon works best against electric?" however, Siri resorted to Google.

Currently Wolfram Alpha only has data for the first five generations of Pokémon, but generation six, the X & Y generation, should be added soon.

[Via: Venture Beat]

Our Take
Technology is amazing. I'm looking forward to the addition of the sixth generation information so when I hang out with friends who aren't very familiar with Pokémon I can whip out my phone and say something like, "Show me how ridiculous Klefki is," and get a quick response.