Grand Theft Auto V was available in both retail and downloadable forms on the PlayStation 3 on launch day, but Xbox 360 customers only had the former choice. You can now download the game through Xbox Live if you hate plastic discs.

The game is 7.63 GB, so if you want to download the game, I wouldn't plan on playing it right away. You can head here to download it.

Some GTA V players reported issues when installing the game to their hardrives on the Xbox 360. Downloading the game technically does the same thing, so there is a chance the game may not run as smoothly as it would when running off of a disc. However, this is an issue that Rockstar may have addressed in the game's numerous patches.

[Source: Xbox Live]

Our Take
It would have been nice to see this option available alongside the game's launch, but it has been made available pretty quickly, which is good news.