This week brought news of two next-gen launch titles seeing delays, pushing them outside of day-one availability for the next generation of consoles. Do the delays of these games affect your plans for adopting the next-generation of video game consoles?

Watch Dogs is going to be a cross-generation release, meaning even though it has been delayed, it will still release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Many were planning to make Watch Dogs their introduction to the new consoles, but now the game won’t be available until next year.

DriveClub was supposed to be a PlayStation 4 launch title, and was planned to be among the first of the consoles free games offered to members of PlayStation Plus. Now the game won’t be available until next year.

Were either of these games the sole reason you were planning to be an early adopter of the new consoles? The Watch Dogs PlayStation 4 bundle shows that it was the main incentive for some consumers. In the case of DriveClub’s delay, will consumers jump ship to the Xbox One so that they can play Forza Motorsport 5? Let us know where you stand in the comments below.

Some post-GTA V, pre-delay Watch Dogs marketing