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British Newspaper Thinks Deus Ex's Sarif Industries Is Real

The British newspaper The Sun was doing a story on artificial human parts and got fooled by Deus Ex.

In the story pictured above you can see a picture of a Sarif Industries (the evil corporation from Deus Ex) cybernetic eyeball. The text reads "US corporation Sarif Industries has developed an eyeball implant." Oops!

Maybe it's a testament to the quality of the slick-looking Sarif Industries website that Square Enix had made.

[Source: Twitter via The Sixth Axis]

Our Take:
If anyone at the The Sun is reading this, I hate to be the one to tell you, but Sarif Industries isn't real. It's just a made-up company in a video game. However, I do have a hot tip for you: start digging into a company called "Umbrella Corporation." They keep a low profile, but word has it that they are doing some very...shall we say...interesting things in the field of genetic engineering and research. Don't say you heard it from me.

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