Two of the largest video game retailers have released statements confirming that those consumers who preordered Watch Dogs console bundles will still be receiving their consoles.

We contacted GameStop [full disclosure: GameStop is the parent company of Game Informer] and received this statement:

"With the news that Ubisoft has delayed the release of the highly-anticipated title Watch Dogs until next year, GameStop is contacting customers who had reserved PlayStation 4 and Xbox One bundles featuring the game. Customers can elect to keep their current bundle orders and their consoles will ship as scheduled with the game shipping separately once it is available or customers can choose another bundle to replace their current order. Customers should also note that there may be a difference in price if selecting another bundle and that all reserved orders will be charged upon shipment."

For Amazon's part, it released two tweets about PlayStation 4 Watch Dogs bundles, however it did not mention Xbox One pre-orders specifically:

"Don't worry if you pre-ordered the Watch Dogs PS4 bundle, you will still be getting your PS4 based on your current delivery estimate."

"More details if you pre-ordered the PS4 Watch Dogs bundle coming soon, just know that your console pre-order is still safe!"

We contacted Ubisoft about the preorder bundle issue and received this less than enlightening official comment:

"We hope that players who have preordered the game will still look forward to playing it in spring 2014, and that the extra polish and quality we'll be able to add to the game will ensure a fantastic gaming experience."

Our Take:
It's been a rough day for Ubisoft and Watch Dogs fans, but at least retailers seem to be doing their best to deal with the news and still ensure that consumers get their new consoles with or without Watch Dogs.