Successful Kickstarter project by Die Gute Fabrik, Sportsfriends, has been confirmed for PC and PlayStation 3 since late 2012. Now the team is expanding out to Sony's next-gen console.

Doug Wilson, producer on Sportsfriends, broke the news today on the PlayStation Blog. He clarifies that backers who pledged toward the PS3 version will also get the PS4 game for free. The PS3 version is currently targeted for a January release while the PS4 game will follow "in the not-so-distant future." Wilson also confirms that J.S. Joust will work with the new DualShock 4 alongside the current Move controller.

Check out our preview of the game for more info.

Our Take:
Sony must really be making it easy for indie developers to double dip on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The Sportsfriends Kickstarter goal was $150,000 and the final tally came just above that. You'd think to port the game to another console wouldn't be cheap and Die Gute Fabrik is doing it with its original budget.