Ubisoft has announced that the latest Rabbids game, Rabbids Big Bang, is blasting onto mobile devices next week. The title features 150 levels of physics-based gameplay and, of course, those idiotic Rabbids.

The game, which was outed via an image of upcoming Ubisoft games logos last month, was developed by the company's Parisian studio. It looks a bit like Angry Birds Space, with the psychotic critters careening around planets and completing various objectives (presumably by breaking stuff). Ubisoft says it features upgradable jetpacks, unlockable costumes, and space duckies. It's due out on iOS and Android on October 17 for $.99.


Our Take
There are clearly people out there who can't get enough of those crazy Rabbids. I suspect a great deal of those fans work at Ubisoft. If this game is better than most of the characters' middling outings, great. Otherwise, I can't help but be disappointed by every instant that Ubisoft spends on this franchise instead of a new Rayman.