Jennifer Hale is a busy voice actress with a number of impressive roles, but she is probably best known in the video game world for providing the voice of the female Commander Shepard in Mass Effect. Hinterland has announced that Hale will be playing a role in its upcoming game, The Long Dark.

The Long Dark follows the exploits of a crashed pilot in a snowy , post-apocolytpic wilderness. The game's creator, Raphael van Lierop, describes the game as a survival simulator, as opposed to a survival horror game.

Jennifer Hale made an audible appearance in the Kickstarter pitch video for the game, but now developer Hinterland has confirmed that she will be playing a "pivotal role" in the game.

The Long Dark is currently taking pledges on Kickstarter. It has so far achieved $188,901 of its $200,000 goal with four days remaining in the campaign.

For more on the game, check out our extensive preview where we spoke with van Lierop about the project.

[Source: Kickstarter]


Our Take
Jennifer Hale is an impressive addition for the cast. The Long Dark is still pretty far out, but van Lierop and his team have presented some compelling ideas. We're curious to learn more about the game as Hinterland gets closer to release.