One of Disney Infinity's big selling points is its Toy Box mode, which allows players to build their own levels and adventures, and share them with other players. Disney has been encouraging that kind of creativity with a series of community challenges. The latest one gives players one more reason to make something spooky, just in time for Halloween.

That could be something as focused as the spookiest haunted house of all time, or something more expansive, like some kind of unending nightmare world. Or it could be something more sedate, like a freaky pumpkin deathmatch dungeon. It's up to you and your creative capabilities. If you do want to have your contribution called out and shared by Disney, you need to submit your entry by October 16. If you're looking for some additional Halloween inspiration, the Jack Skellington figurine was released last week.

Take a look at the video below to see the winning entries from the previous Toy Boy Challenge, which was all about castles. If you see any that you'd like to play, be sure to download them in your game and check them out for yourself.