Zombie Studios announced last week that State of Decay has hit one million players across Xbox 360 and PC. The first DLC pack is also coming very soon.

Breakdown is the name of the first pack, and it is currently in the certification process. Content is complete and it's a matter of balancing and bug removal. 

The plan is to submit for final certification by the end of next week. This assumes no major bugs found in pre-certification screening. If all goes well, the wildly popular title will get its first DLC pack before you can say "trick or treat" (that is to say that it should be here before the end of October).

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Our Take
If there's one game I regret not having put more time into (yet), it's State of Decay. It's ambitious, immersive, and a lot of fun. 

Breakdown is slated to ramp up the difficulty over time by making players more fatigued, increase the instance of special zombies, reduce the number of viable vehicles, and drain out the resources. If you've mastered State of Decay, Breakdown is the challenge you have been waiting for.