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Nvidia Drops Prices On Some GeForce GTX Video Cards

Nvidia announced that it is lowering the price of three video card models starting today. Prices should be reflected at retailers soon.

The GeForce GTX Ti Boost 1GB now costs $129. The 2GB version of that same card is $149. The GTX 660 drops to $179.

The next two more powerful models, the GTX 760 and 770 currently retail for $249 and $399 respectively. 


Our Take
If you're looking to upgrade your video card to something that is still considered quite capable, the GTX 660 at $179 (possibly less) is a good deal. Prices of components fluctuate daily, and if you've got your eye on a build that included one of these cards and were waiting to make it fit in your budget, it might be worth another look at the bottom line today.

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