Earlier in the week, news circulated about a trademark listing for Half-Life 3, which had been filed in the Trade Marks and Designs Registrations Office of the European Union website, leading many to believe that an announcement for the game would soon follow. It seems that the news of Half-Life 3's coming was greatly exaggerated.

Valvetime.net was able to confirm that the Half-Life 3 trademark has been removed from the Trademarks and Design Registration Office of the European Union's website. A Portal 3 trademark, filed on October 2, is also likely a fake. Let this be a lesson to all of us that we should never get excited about anything; you're only setting your heart up for pain.

[Source: Valvetime.net]


Our Take
This is certainly disappointing news for fans of the series who have already been waiting years for news of another Half-Life title. Sadly, it looks like we'll just have to wait a bit longer. Still this doesn't mean that Valve isn't still busy at work on Half-Life 3 right now. We don't know who was behind this fake trademark stunt, but they just pulled one epic senior prank.