Bachir "Athene" Bourmaaza is a pro gamer that got his start years ago recording YouTube videos of himself and friends playing World of Warcraft. Since then, he has channeled his internet celebrity into helping those struggling in developing nations. His previous ShareCraft 2012 charity campaign raised $1 million dollars, and his current Gaming For Good campaign is presently shattering that previous high-water mark.

Gaming For Good rewards those who donate with points which can be exchanged for prizes including codes for digital game downloads. Each donation is being quadrupled by the United States Agency for International Development, which has helped grow the amount to over $6.5 million. Gaming For Good is just under $500,000 away from its goal of $6.6 million. 

If you want to donate to help Bourmaaza and Gaming For Good in the final sprint towards its ambitious goal, head to Gaming For Good.

Our Take
Athene earned his celebrity as an over-the-top, foul-mouthed gamer. He channeled this persona into his previous charity drives. While raising money for those who need it is always good, we're happy to see the recent videos for Gaming For Good have focused more on the cause rather than Athene himself. $6.5 million is a boon for the many that need it in Africa.