After hitting iOS earlier this year, the fifth installment of Square Enix's Final Fantasy series is available on Android devices. 

Sporting revamped visuals over the original 16-bit title, Final Fantasy V is notable in the series for its entertaining job system. Your party members level up in various classes – like dragoon, black mage, and monk – but you must switch them frequently in order to optimize your characters' development. Final Fantasy V didn't originally release in North America, though it was brought over in 1999 in an anthology for PlayStation. 

You can download the game now right here through Google Play for $16.


Our Take
While I have nothing against Final Fantasy V, Square Enix settled on a price tag that seems pretty steep – which seems to be a trend for the company in the mobile arena. You can get the PlayStation FF Anthology version for $10 on the PlayStation Store, which is a more economical way to experience this fun game.