Earlier this week, Major League Gaming (MLG) announced the appointment of Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey to the organization's board of directors. Morey brings seven years of experience managing the Rockets and an ongoing interest in MLG as a growing sports entity.

This is a natural pairing, as Morey is a gamer and supporter of MLG. Additionally, League founder Sundance DiGiovanni has for the past two years participated in a conference on sports analytics held by Morey at MIT. 


Our Take
MLG is making a big play for a broader audience with its recent programming. Recently, Dota 2 has been added to the calendar, with upcoming events in Florida and a championship with big name teams in Columbus, Ohio. The nut that still must be cracked is how to get a more casual audience engaged with broadcasts. A lot of professional gaming events are difficult to watch for those less familiar with the terminology. It's harder to casually spectate these events. Once MLG, Riot, and Valve are able to devise a more accessible scheme (like an eSports 101 series), then the opportunity for a more diverse audience could follow.