Everyone knows that the lead up to the holidays is one of the busiest times in the gaming industry. There are dozens of games to review, previews to write, and this year, new consoles to investigate. That’s why we’re extremely excited to have three new faces to help carry the load during the three busy months to come. 

Isaac Perry, Katie Seville, and Mike Trinh come to us from all corners of the country, and they won these three coveted internship slots after a competitive application process. Click the links from each of their names above to see their intro posts, and find out if you share any interests or favorite games.

I hope you’ll greet them with all the enthusiasm you’ve shared with our previous teams of interns. You can watch for more news, features, and previews from Mike, Katie, and Isaac starting next week. 

Think you're up for an internship at Game Informer? We're currently accepting applications for the winter/spring internship term. Email me at the address below for information about the program, or click here to read more.