Today at the Tokyo Game Show 2013 in Tokyo, Japan, Sony teased a new Gravity Rush game. The original Gravity Rush (called Gravity Daze in Japan) released on the PlayStation Vita last year and received generally favorable reviews. The brief, beautiful trailer shows protagonist Kat flying through the air only the way a shifter can.

The first Gravity Rush was developed by SCE Japan Studio (Ape Escape, Puppeteer), but this teaser says Team Gravity is working on the new project. Team Gravity could be SCE Japan Studio's name for its specific group of developers working on the Gravity Rush series.

Our Take:
Gravity Rush is one of the Vita's strongest titles. It would a smart move for Sony to continue building on the solid foundation of this original IP. However, we can't be too certain this game is only destined for Vita. The visuals in the teaser look similar to the original's, but we could be looking at a Gravity Rush game developed for one of Sony's other systems. Whatever hardware it releases for, we're happy to see Sony get behind such a gorgeous, unique game.