It was a relatively slow week for blogs and user reviews. But fear not: With the official release of Sony and Microsoft's next generation consoles quickly approaching, this is very likely the calm before the storm. Enjoy some of the best posts from the week listed here for your convenience.

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Game Informer Online 2014 Fantasy Football League Scoreboard - Week 1
A number of community members have formed their own fantasy football league with cerpintaxman providing a highlights reel and current point standings from the previous week.

Community Blogs:

The Year So Far Written As A Novelization
Tim Gruver takes an interesting approach to describing key events that define the video game industry thus far in 2013 by characterizing them as similarly named novels.

5 Reasons Wind Waker HD Is Worth It
Fans of the Zelda series seem divided over the remake of Wind Waker, which is set to release in a matter of days. Airbornebovine mentions a few reasons why this is a good thing for the series.

Top 5 Horror Games This Generation
A short blog that might be a little rough around the edges, but boxcar182's post about horror games drew several comments from the community, weighing in on the best horror games of this generation.

Five Cartoon Shows Perfect For Video Game Adaptions
We have video games inspired by books and movies – why not a video game inspired by a cartoon? Making his blogging debut, ingtobopbop1 lists his ideas for cartoon-to-video game adaptations.

My Top Ten Video Game Developers Of The '90s
In addition to favorite video games, a lot of us have favorite video game developers. Eric Watson shares some his favorites in the latest episode of his Top Ten Tuesday series.

How Would You Budget It?
With so many great games on the horizon, how do you decide which ones to get? More importantly, how do you pay for them? Lil J Moore asks readers to pick a few must-buy games for those on a budget.

Community Reviews:

A Touching And Tragic Tale That Hits Home
Among its other great qualities, DrJoeystein praises the beautiful visuals and the emotionally deep story found in Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons in his solid review of this indie game from Starbreeze Studios.

Diablo III (PS3) Review
Another great review courtesy of Buddy Acker, this time setting his sights on Diablo III for the Playstation 3, the next episode in Blizzard's iconic dungeon crawler series.

Animal Crossing New Leaf: A Perpetual Vacation Of Fun
Boys and girls (and men and women) of all ages seem enamored with Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Tim Gruver reviews the game, enlightening those who might not have tried it yet.

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