Andrew House, president of Sony Computer Entertainment, took the stage today at Sony's TGS Keynote to discuss the company's vision and more about PlayStation Vita TV.

While House reiterated the goal to reach more types of gamers and maintain a PS4 vision that is consumer focused and developer inspired, he also answered some questions about the Vita TV.

House confirms that the Vita TV is a small box that can fit into any living room, where you can use video services to bring you karaoke and electronic books to bigger screens. From the first day of launch 1300 titles will be available on Vita TV along with a recorder and media storage.

Also addressed was providing cloud based service to the PS4, PS3, and PlayStation Vita, but Playstation Vita TV could also become an important client. An announcement for the launch of the cloud service will come at a later date.

Shuhei Yoshida also took to the stage to demonstrate the Vita TV remote play, where you can access a PS4 game remotely to enjoy playing on the Vita TV in case you can't play on your main TV. With a press of a button, Yoshida moved his game of Knack to the Vita TV and selected to pick where he left off.  No progress was lost, and it was as if he never paused. So far the feature looks promising.