If you still have your Wii Fit balance board, you'll be able to try Wii Fit U for free starting on November 1. Nintendo has detailed how it will be rolling out the new fitness program, and there are a couple of different options.

For those that still have their original hardware, a free download will enable a trial period. After that expires, users will need to purchase a Fit Meter ($19.99) and sync it to the Wii U to unlock Wii Fit U for use in perpetuity. 

The Fit Meter is an activity meter that not only measures steps, but also their intensity. The device also measures altitude, giving credit for hills and steps. That data is then fed into Wii Fit U.

The free month of Wii Fit U offer applies to anyone who downloads the software from the eShop between November 1, 2013 and January 31, 2014. A packaged version of the game will be available starting on December 13, 2013.


Our Take
This is a smart move by Nintendo. It rewards those that purchased Wii Fit and held onto the hardware, offering an affordable way to upgrade the experience. The Fit Meter sales ensure that Nintendo will be able to monetize those upgrades at a reasonable rate while also providing added value for the Wii Fit U software.