Wednesday marks the release of iOS 7 for iPhone and iPad. If you happen to use Blizzard's Authenticator app for World of Warcraft, Diablo III, Starcraft, or the Hearthstone beta, you might want to pay attention to some helpful tips.

If you've ever lost your authenticator or had a disconnect due to an upgrade, you know it's a hassle to get your account back in order. To make sure you're game access isn't interrupted, make sure to do one of the following:

Sign up for Blizzard's SMS Protect service. This free option allows users to disconnect an authenticator from an account using a code received via text message.

Write down the serial number and restore code from the app. This can be accessed from the settings menu under "About." From there, it's easy to restore an app after a reset.

Alternatively, users can disconnect their authenticator from the an account prior to updating and reconnect after successfully installing iOS7. Blizzard also recommends updating your phone over WiFi to minimize the chance of accidental reset.

[Source: Blizzard]


Our Take
Unless the only Blizzard game you are playing is Diablo III on console, you should be using an authenticator to protect your account. This free app ensures that your loot is safe. Just make sure to take the precautions listed above before updating your phone. I can assure you (from first-hand experience) you'd rather be playing than trying to free your account from an authenticator you can no longer access.