Some gameplay footage from the former Brothers in Arms: Furious 4, now just Furious 4, from Gearbox Studios has appeared in the front of a special effects reel online.

The reel belongs to Nick Peterson of Gearbox Software. In the video you'll see lots of shooting, jetpack Nazis, and at least one rampaging ferris wheel.

Earlier this year, Pitchford said that fan feedback to Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 lead the team to drop the Brothers in Arms prefix and make Furious 4 its own IP. This change also opened the window for Gearbox to work on a traditional Brothers in Arms game that lines up with previous experiences in the franchise. A a new Brothers in Arms has not received an official announcement from Gearbox, but Pitchford has promised one is in the works.

[Source: Avalanche FX, via Polygon]


Our Take
It's confusing what is happening (or will happen) with Brothers in Arms and Furious 4, but this demo reel seems to indicate that Gearbox is still working on the game. With one of Gearbox's previous releases, Aliens: Colonial Marines, rumors pointed to the game's development team losing substantial resources that were refocused towards Borderlands. It's possible that the same issue could be affecting Furious 4 and Brothers in Arms.