EA's pun-fueled take on James Bond will return in an upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

In the early '90s, EA released a platformer called James Pond. The titles wasn't a massive hit, but it spawned a couple sequels and was popular enough to amass a following that has apparently been bugging the creator for another entry. We don't know what the Kickstarter's goal will be yet, but the crowdfunding campaign launches on September 20, so stay tuned.

James Pond creator Chris Sorrell talks about bringing James Pond back for another adventure in the YouTube video below.

[Source: Eurogamer]


Our Take
I never really played any of the James Pond games, but I think the name is funny. Still, there was one time, back when I was a kid, where my mom took me to a game store and told me I could pick any game I wanted. I almost picked James Pond.