Update: A representative from Square Enix has told Game Informer that the Destati website and Twitter account are not official and that Square Enix is not involved. 

We're still not sure what they are, but given the confusion already caused, Square Enix has a good reason to pursue the owners for copyright infringement. Whether Project Destati comes to fruition or not is likely to be at the mercy of Square Enix's legal team.


Original Story:

A new teaser site with a heavy Kingdom Hearts theme has popped up with a countdown. The site is named after a familiar Kingdom Hearts musical composition, and the imagery is of the familiar stained glass that appears throughout the series.

The countdown will expire on September 17 at midnight Eastern time. According to the WhoIs results, the website is registered to Project Destati (and not a proxy or Square Enix). There is an associated Twitter account that has been sharing Kingdom Hearts quotes since late June, also.

We're trying to get to the bottom of this and have reached out to find out if this is an official Square Enix project or something being done in an unofficial capacity. You can see the teaser site for yourself here.

Our Take
The version of Destati that is playing on the countdown website sounds richly orchestrated. The choice of using a familiar piece of music as the name of the site also leads us to consider a special soundtrack or concert tour that might be taking place.

With the release of 1.5 HD Remix and the E3 announcement of Kingdom Hearts III (finally), we're very interested to find out more about Project Destati. Let's just hope it's something real and official. For now, I'm skeptical.