At its Digital Days event in Paris, Ubisoft confirmed the rumored HD upgrade to the Vita entry in the Assassin's Creed saga, Liberation. The title takes place in Louisiana and follows the story of Aveline de Grandpré as she investigates Templar activity while hiding her identity as an Assassin.

In addition to upgraded visuals, the title will boast re-mastered music, an improved gameplay experience, and new missions that further explore Aveline's history. Liberation will be coming in early 2014 to Xbox 360, PlayStation Network, and PC as a digital exclusive.


Our Take
The thing that caught my eye in this announcement is the promise of revamped gameplay. The Assassin's Creed: Liberation story was a good one, but there was a lot wrong with the gameplay. From weird checkpoint issues to significant glitches, the title didn't life up to its promise on the Vita. Here's hoping that a second chance is what this game needs to make Aveline's adventure all it can be.