As part of its pre-TGS press conference early this morning, Sony showed off a new video featuring the PlayStation 4, upcoming Vita hardware revision, and the new Vita TV. This video gives us a new look at the user interface, Vita and PS4 interoperability, and game streaming.

One of the segments includes a Vita user streaming content from her PS4 to her handheld while away from home. This is a feature currently available for the PlayStation 3 and Vita. 

Another scene depicts fast-switching between social and game features on the PlayStation 4. It seems that a double tap of the PS button on the controller swaps between screens.

The Vita TV's user interface is on display, also. Unsurprisingly, it looks exactly like that of the handheld. Multiple controllers are connected, making fighting games on the system (including the recently released DiveKick) a reasonable proposition.

You can check it out below.


Our Take
The biggest surprise in this video is Sony touting the Vita's ability to stream PS4 games over the internet. I've tried this in my house with the PS3 and it never works well. I can't imagine doing it from a distance.