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Rare 1992 Shooter Summer Carnival '92 Recca Comes To 3DS

For the first time, North American gamers will be able to play Summer Carnival '92 Recca, one of the most rare -- and most challenging -- top-down shooters ever made.

The game was never officially released in the U.S., and was actually made for a one-time even, the Summer Carnival '92 in the game's title. The Summer Carnival was a Japanese gaming competition, the organizers commissioned a game from Famicom developer KID. Obviously, the game was made to be incredibly challenging; the enemies onscreen move so fast it's hard to believe this game was created on 8-bit hardware.

You can now buy the game at the Nintendo eShop for 3DS. It sells for $4.99; not bad for a piece of gaming history.

Our Take:
This is one of those great pieces of obscure video game history that I just love – such a cool story. However, looking at the videos of the game that have been posted online, I'm going to skip it - my reflexes aren't nearly good enough to contend with this. Kudos to Nintendo for making this available. I hope more obscure games like this find a second life via digital download.