While the reviews have been lukewarm, America still loves football -- and EA Sport's venerable Madden franchise.

According to an Electronic Arts press release, Madden NFL 25 sold more than one million units during its first week at retail (ending September 2nd). EA claims that this will make it the biggest selling game for August 2013 - which would be impressive. These are based on internal estimates, not NPD data, but based on recent sales charts moving 800,000+ units in the last few days of August would make it pretty likely to be number one on the charts.

Fans have already played six million hours of Madden 25 online. It will be interesting to see how the next-gen version of the game, bound for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, will fare both critically and commercially.

Our Take:
The massive popularity of football, coupled with EA's exclusive deal with the NFL, almost guarantees commercial success for Madden. However, this generation has not been as successful from a quality standpoint - as evidenced by our lukewarm review of the game. Let's hope EA truly delivers on the promises its made about the next-gen version of Madden. Even better, let's hope the NFL decides to once again allow for competition in the video game football market.