Deep Silver and Volition created a lot of absurd weapons for Saints Row IV. None is more amusing than the dubstep gun, though. This marvel of post-modern technology shoots mind-controlling beams that make unwitting victims dance until they die. Now, there are even more ways to mix up the madness.

For $2.99, players can add four new tracks to the dubstep gun. You can have your victims perish to polka, collapse to classical, suffer to swing, or experience the purest form of death metal.

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Our Take
We've seen costumes in fighting games and weapon skins in multiplayer shooters. Now, Deep Silver and Volition are taking that one step further with audible skins for one of Saints Row IV's most popular weapons. Is this necessary? Absolutely not. However, for those who want a little more "ha ha" with their "wub wub," it's a neat feature that is no different than avatar clothing or a Gamerpic (just funnier).