Brandon Sanderson is back for another Infinity Blade novella. The author first worked with the game series developer Chair on 2011's Infinity Blade: Awakening, which was set between the first and second game.

Now Sanderson (known for titles like The Way of Kings and Mistborn) is working on Infinity Blade: Redemption, follow the events of Infinity Blade II. The book has an exclusivity window with Apple's iBooks starting September 3. It will release in other digital book stores on September 9.

Our Take:
I don't read many gaming property-based books, but I was pleasantly surprised with how decent Awakening was. And the plot summary on the Apple pre-order page has me excited to see what's next for Siris, the God King, and the Worker of Secrets. This also bodes well for a new Infinity Blade game, especially since new iOS devices are expected to be announced soon at a rumored press conference on September 10.