Markus "Notch" Persson is best known for creating Minecraft, but he likes to create small experimental games, too. His latest, Shambles, was created as part of the 7DFPS game jam, which challenges developers to create a first-person shooter in seven days.

In the game, which you can play here on your browser, players are given 50 bullets and 100 health. There are zombies, civilians, and police officers. Zombies drop points, civilians drop health, and police officers drop better weapons and ammo. Civilians are harmless, zombies are harmful, and police officers will harm you if you harm them first. It's all about trying to reach a high score and seeing how long you can survive.

[Source: Shambles, 7DFPS via IndieGames]


Our Take
It's hard to believe that Notch's game, as well as the other games featured as part of this jam, were all created in a matter of days. It's very impressive. It's also nice to see, despite all of his success, that Persson still takes time to tinker with game design and experiment. He could retire if he wanted to, but he clearly loves making games too much.