The first DLC pack for Bioshock Infinite, Clash in the Clouds, has been out for two weeks. By now, those itching to return to Columbia have had a chance to experiment with the four maps and fifteen battles in each. But how many of you have completed all 60 Blue Ribbon Challenges?

If you haven't and you're interested in seeing your name in the third DLC pack, Burial at Sea – Part Two, you'd best get started. If you complete all 60 challenges by August 27, 2013 at 9 am Eastern, you'll be entered in the contest. 

Three winners will be selected at random to have their names appear in Rapture. They'll also get a custom screenshot and directions on how to find themselves.

You've got two weeks to master the skylines, but all of your previous progress counts toward the contest. For more on Burial at Sea, read our recent preview.

[Source: Irrational Games]

Our Take
This is a neat bit of fan service, and it will likely nudge some people who were on the fence about Clash in the Clouds toward a purchase. I thought the combat was the weakest part of Bioshock Infinite, and while the Blue Ribbon Challenges are creative, Clash in the Clouds didn't win me over.