Most of the time, video games release on Tuesdays. Nintendo, with its insistence on being different, likes to release its games on Sundays. Which do you prefer?

Pikmin 3 and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team released last Sunday and today. I like the Sunday release date because Sunday is a relaxing day. Tomorrow it’s back to work, so you don’t want to make any big plans, but you still have the day off, so it’s perfect for spending time on video games.

If I were in a position of power to make these kinds of decisions, I think I would opt for a Friday release date. It’s nice to go pick up a game early in the week, but often it’s not until the weekend that you can really dive in. Releasing on Friday would give everyone the same window of free time to really give a game the attention it deserves.

How about you? Does it matter what day of the week a game releases? Do you like Nintendo’s Sunday release dates? Or do you wish it would conform and start delivering its biggest releases on Tuesdays?