A few new names and a handful of the regulars grace the Blog Herding list in a week that witnessed plenty of content and a handful of blogs narrowly missing the cut. But if it's quality content you seek, you won't go wrong with this week's selection.

Blog Herding Stats:

Period Reviewed: July 29 – August 04, 2013
Number of User Blogs: 99
Number of User Bloggers: 46
Number of User Blogs Herded: 8

Community Events:

Extra Life 2013 – Team GIO Update #1
Zachary Pligge provides an update on the preparations for the Extra Life charity event coming up in November. See how many people signed up already and how many donations have been made.

Community Blogs:

The Future Of MMOs
World of Warcraft lost a million subscribers early in 2013 as the popularity of massively multiplayer online games fluctuates month to month. Matt-boy talks about the future of the genre.

Top 10 Enemies In Zelda
With a series spanning decades and more than a dozen games to its fame, there is a good chance you've encountered an adversary in a Zelda game. Vannahføx The Fluffy Triførce Wielder lists some of the best.

Who I Want Playing Video Game Characters In A Movie
Despite being a little rough around the edges, one of the week's most popular and debated blogs was from Juanolo, discussing something many of us have: What actors would play our favorite characters?

Elder Scrolls Online: An Introduction
Chandler Tate shares his excitement for Elder Scrolls Online, currently under development with a tentative release date of Spring 2014, and what the game might offer fans of the series.

Six Mechanics That Make Any Game More Accessible
Our resident advocate for accessibility concerns, Josh Straub returns with a look at a number of features capable of providing a more enjoyable experience for those affected by these issues.

Hey Internet, Let's Give Phil Fish A Break
The Rolling Gamer weighs in on the controversial subject of Phil Fish with a candid look at the latest shenanigans from the notorious developer in a piece that carries a warning label for strong language.

Relationships: How They Can Evolve
As games grow and evolve so too has story and character development. The Destroyer analyzes the personal relationships between the player and non-player characters and what the future might hold.

Are We Made Of Money?
Tim Gruver belted out a ton of quality blogs over the week; this one focusing on the business and money-making side of the video game industry is just one of them.

Community Reviews:

Even The Smallest Person Can Change The Course Of The Future
Kevin Russell posts his debut user review and it's a good one. Russell examines Dragon Age Origins, the third-person single-player fantasy role-playing video game developed by BioWare from a few years ago.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Review
It seems like gamers young and old are enamored with the magic of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Based on Buddy Acker's kind review of the game, it sounds like he's one of them.

Company Of Heroes 2
John Wrek posted a couple of exceptional reviews this week including this one for Company of Heroes 2, the recently released World War II real-time strategy (RTS) game developed by Relic Entertainment.

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