Deep Silver has added three more of its back catalog to the Humble Bundle currently on offer. In addition to two Saints Row titles, two Dead Island games, and a bunch of other stuff, you can now make the most of your "beats the average" buy.

You can pay what you want for some of the goods, but right now, if you pay more than $4.95, you can get Risen, Metro 2033, and Sacred Citadel. If you've already beaten the average (or even paid the $25 to get Dead Island Riptide), your Steam keys are waiting for you.

As of now, over 357,000 bundles have been sold, raising $1.77 million combined for Deep Silver, Child's Play, World Vision, the American Red Cross, and Humble Bundle's operational fund. You can get yours here.


Our Take
This Humble Bundle was already an amazing deal. With an additional three games and another soundtrack, it's hard to say no to.