PlayStation 3 and Vita musical platformer Sound Shapes turns one year old this week. The celebration is underway with three pieces of good news for fans (and soon-to-be-fans).

First up, if you haven't yet played Sound Shapes, you can get it now for 50 percent off. That's $7.49 (for both platforms thanks to cross-buy) for a title that we absolutely adored. If you do already have it, all of the DLC and avatars are also available at half-price.

Sound Shapes features a level creator, and Sony wants to see what you're made of. If you create a new level and upload it with the #BDay tag, you can get some nifty things. The top six entrants will receive a signed poster and inclusion in the one-year anniversary milkcrate album.

Finally, Sony is giving away the Car mini-album and Entity pack. All you have to do is post a birthday wish for Sound Shapes in this thread. Codes will be distributed via XMB or email before the end of the month.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]


Our Take
Sound Shapes is one of the most unique and engaging games I have played in quite some time.  It continues to see expanded official content and solid contributions from the community. The DLC continues to take the game in new directions, as a variety of music styles and varied visuals provide new experiences. Celebrating with free DLC, a sale, and an incentive for creators to give it their best is a wonderful way to honor this title's first birthday.