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Reader Discussion: Do You Play MMOs?

Massive Multiplayer Online games take a massive amount of people to play. Are you one of them? If not, what would it take to get you into this massive online world?

I wouldn't say that I play MMOs, but I've dabbled. In fact, I'd really like to get into an MMO, but it's never worked out. I played a bit of EverQuest back during the height of its power, but my interest in the game only lasted about a week. When World of Warcraft release I tried again, but I only made it to about level 30 before abandoning my quest. Star Wars The Old Republic was another game that I wanted to dig into, but a few months after the games release I realized that I was paying for a game that I never played.

It's not that I don't think these games were good, or even that I didn't like what I played. In fact, I remember enjoying each one when I first played them. The problem is that I'm a terrible monogamist (monogamerist?). MMOs are a massive time sink and I really don't have the time to pour into them. I really love to play every game I can. I love RPGs, and shooters, and platformers, and strategy titles, and etc. So the idea of being tied to one game while a new BioShock, or Mario, or Assassin's Creed is releasing starts to make me feel a little tense.

Does anyone else feel like this? Do you play MMOs? What kinds do you prefer? Do you play free-to-play MMOs or do you think subscriptions games are better?

If you don't play, what's holing you back, and what would it take to get you into an MMO?

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