In a posting on XSeed's official Facebook page, the publisher revealed that the 3DS game has been pushed back to sometime in September or October of this year.

At one time, the game was set for release in July, but that initial release date came and went. When asked by fans earlier this week about the new release date, XSeed replied, "We're dying to get it to you, but the game is absolutely massive and taking much longer to QA (play through the English for quality assurance) than we originally anticipated. Right now we could be looking at a late September or October release, but it will definitely be worth the wait."

Retailers are currently listing the game for a September 10 release. Below, you can check out the game's E3 trailer.

[Via: NeoGAF]


Our Take
It's not too disappointing to hear that Rune Factory 4 is getting a small delay. The game will ultimately be better for it, and the North American fate of these niche titles are always in question, so to know that it is still coming is good news.