To celebrate the Steam launch of Skulls Of The Shogun, 17-Bit released a new trailer that highlights the studio's goofy sense of humor.

After four years of development, 17-Bit's colorful turn-based strategy game is finally out on Steam, with additional content that includes new campaign missions, multiplayer maps, and a playable tanuki unit. The trailer, on the other hand, contains skull-eating children turning into skeletons. If you're confused, so am I – but Kato enjoyed the XBLA version of the game, so why not check it out?

Skulls of the Shogun is now available on Steam for $14.99. For insight into the making of the game, check out our video interview with 17-Bit CEO Jake Kazdal.

Our Take
Today's new Skulls of the Shogun trailer is a great example of 17-Bit's passionate-yet-playful love of video games. Finally getting the game out on Steam must be a huge relief for the small indie studio, as they can now focus their effort on their next game, Galak-Z. Turn-based strategy games are a tough sell to modern gamers, so hopefully Galak-Z's top-down shoot-'em-up action can garner 17-Bit the attention it so richly deserves.