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Ask An Editor: Jeff M Edition

Here's your chance to ask a question to Game Informer's resident pizza expert. Note: Your question doesn't have to be about pizza.

I've been an editor at Game Informer for about three and a half years now, and one of the most rewarding aspects of my job is interacting with the community. While coming up with some feature ideas for this month, I decided what better way spend more time with our readers than by answering some of their most burning questions?

So, here's how it will work: You ask a bunch of questions in the comments section, and later this week I'll pick my favorite and post them in a separate feature. Feel free to ask me anything, but here's a little more background information about me in case you need topic ideas.

  • I'm in charge of the GI's Feedback department, so if you've had a letter published in the magazine in the past couple years, I'm probably the jerk who wrote the sassy reply (if so, sorry!).
  • I play mostly action games, with a special fondness for open-world games. I also enjoy zombie games, and am a huge nerd for sci-fi games.
  • I play most of my games on PS3 and Xbox 360, as I haven't owned a decent gaming PC since the mid-90s. That hasn't stopped me from somehow acquiring over 50 Steam games, though.
  • One of my favorite recurring features is to write "professional guides" to games like Skyrim and Far Cry 3, based on my own horrible gameplay habits.
  • I am seriously Game Informer's resident pizza expert. I know that sounds like a joke, but it's not. I'm contemplating having it printed on my business cards.

Ask your questions in the comments below, then check back later in the week for answers!

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