Pixelbionic has announced that it is canceling its Kickstarter after coming up well short of its $650,000 goal.

Twisted Metal vet David Jaffe had signed on as a creative director to the multiplayer-focused vehicular combat title MotorGun back when it was known as Autoduel.

In a statement on its Kickstarter page the company wrote, "Kickstarter is a harsh mistress. Lots of projects are pitched to the community and sometimes they resonate and sometimes they don't."

Pixelbionic says that it is going back to the drawing board to redesign the game and its Kickstarter, so this isn't exactly the end of the road for the project.

[Source: Gamespot]


Our Take
We hear a lot about the Kickstarter success stories, but it will be interesting to see how companies like Pixelbionic adapt to their Kickerstarter failures and reformulate their plans. Hopefully in situations like this the crowd-funding apparatus (spurred, of course, by the companies' own will to succeed) can be an environment where these nascent projects can change themselves and get a second life.