Fans of PopCap's popular tower defense game may have been disappointed last month when they heard that its sequel needed some more time. Originally scheduled for a July 18th release, the company pushed the release back to a vague summer timeframe. During an EA earnings call today, the publisher reaffirmed its earlier statement.

With the quarter ending on August 31, that means we should be seeing the free-to-play title appear on iOS devices sooner rather than later. It's already out in New Zealand and Australia, and wasted no time shooting to number one on the free-to-play lists in those markets.

Our Take
Without a specific date stated, we have to assume that PvZ2 will arrive as a surprise launch at some point before the end of August. If the developer was still tinkering with it, we'd expect some indication of further delays during today's call. Fans of the original should be happy to know that they'll have it on their phones by the end of next month.