Nintendo and Red Bull are teaming up to throw a very large winged Pikmin from a very high flight deck. There's still time to see it, and many other flight machines, try to survive the plummet.[Except]

The Red Bull Flugtag Ottawa-Gatineau is taking place this Saturday, July 27. There, you'll get to see the giant flying Pikmin and homemade flying machines go off the end of a 22-foot high deck. 

The Flugtag, which is German for "airshow," has been running since 1992. The competition is open to anyone and the machines must conform to the rules set forth by Red Bull, which vary based on location. 

Judging occurs in three categories: showmanship, distance, and creativity. We're interested to see if the Pikmin will actually fly (or simply nosedive to its doom). So far, Pikmin 3 is sailing high on strong sales in Japan. American audiences will have a chance to keep the title aloft on August 4.


Our Take
This is one of Nintendo's most clever bits of marketing in quite a while, and it has the potential to engage an audience that might not be aware of Pikmin or the Wii U. Provided there is enough fanfare and signage (and Nintendo Canada reps on hand in the crowd to answer the inevitable "What is that supposed to be?" questions), this could be a huge win for Nintendo.

More connections with audiences outside the core are exactly the kind of thing that could help Nintendo reconnect with an audience that knows and loves Mario and friends but doesn't necessarily know what they've been up lately.