Pikmin 3's success is an important metric for the Wii U. The console has seen disappointing sales due to a dearth of exciting games, but Pikmin 3 could turn that around.

Pikmin 3 released on Saturday July 13 in Japan, so as of today the game has been available overseas for a full week.

Update: The numbers referenced below for Pikmin 3 cover game sales between July 8 and July 14 in Japan, meaning these numbers only reflect sales that occurred on the game's release date, July 13, and the following day, July 14. [Thanks Stealth for the tip!]

Siliconera is reporting that the game sold 92,720 copies, which is about 48% of its retail allocation. Comparatively, the original Pikmin sold approximately 90,000 copies at launch, and its sequel sold 160,000 copies.

The original Pikmin released on December 2, 2001, a few weeks after the release of the GameCube on November 18. The Wii U released on December 8 in Japan, making the gap between console launch and Pikmin much wider than it was for the original game.

Pikmin 3 is coming to Wii U in North America on August 4. For more on Pikmin 3 you can check out these assorted trailers and videos.

[Source: Siliconera, Media Create]


Our Take
These numbers aren't bad, but they aren't exceptional either. Pikmin 2 selling more copies than 3 at launch is not surprising. It was a sequel to an established franchise on a established console. The former is true, but not the latter for Pikmin 3. The Wii U is still trying to find its balance. It will be interesting to see how the game fares here in the United States.