Earlier in the week it was reported that Forza Motorsport 5 required a one-time connection to download drivatars, tracks, and cars for the game. Microsoft has come back and given more specifics about the situation.

Microsoft says that while the day-one download includes human-generated drivatar data and cars and tracks that are used deep in the career mode, the disc itself "contains a full game's worth of cars and tracks." The disc will also have drivatars that were trained by developer Turn10 Studios and some members of the series' community that cover all difficulty settings.

Anytime your system is online with the game, new and refreshed drivatars will be downloaded (Microsoft says it's not a lot of data). If you keep it offline, the game will still be playable in every way like normal.


Our Take
We were concerned that this game was too ensconced in the initial plan for an always-on Xbox One, so it's good to hear that if push came to shove offline play won't be entirely compromised.