Over the years, San Diego Comic Con has taken on a larger, more festival-like atmosphere. Take a visual tour with us through the sights and sounds of this year's show (sounds not pictured).

PopCap's booth features a series of giant Munny figures designed by various artists. The company will be auctioning them off for charity on Monday

Once we removed the trenchcoat, we discovered that the the really tall man standing in line behind us was really four turtles

This adorable display over at the Pikman booth says, "come take a picture with me." But the eyes of the yellow pikmin say, "take off your shirt."

Just outside the convention center a group of medieval knights hone their skills in combat

The green knight killed a man, but everyone thought it was just a show. This is what our society has become!

The local rickshaws even dress up for comic con. This one is a throne fit for a king. Also you can see one of those ladies totally checking me out as I take the picture

The Ghostbusters stopped by to trash the local hotels

Sonic is a lot bigger in person

This crazy woman in a Hello Kitty truck kept driving past the convention center, making fun of everyone's outfit...presumably. She was also speaking Japanese

As you can see, the local police are on hand to make sure things don't get out of hand

Game Informer's own Dan Ryckert and Joe Juba got into the spirit of the show

Local businesses and shops get redressed with ads for games, television shows, and movies

The Godzilla Experience gives showgoers a chance to look a old Godzilla memorabilia and get a taste of the upcoming film

There he is, the King himself...Elvis Presley stuffed into a Godzilla costume

This couple looks like a perfect fit

Zen Studios built an actual pinball cabinet to showcase its downloadable Star Wars Pinball game

Oh Ryse. Kinda a humdrum way to end this thing, huh? Sorry about that. We'll find a better picture next time

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