Sega announced today that the Mark Strong will lead players through the opening moments of Total War: Rome II on September 3. Strong is a film actor known for roles such as Lord Blackwood in 2009’s Sherlock Holmes and Frank D'Amico in Kick-Ass. He plays the Roman consul Silanus in Rome II.

Rome II also features a live-recorded soundtrack from the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra. That is the same orchestra that headlined the 2008 album Video Games Live: Volume 1, which featured tracks from Kingdom Hearts, Halo, and Castlevania. 

Jeff Atmajian is conducting the soundtrack orchestra. Atmajian did orchestration for The Dark Knight, The Bourne Legacy, and Terminator: Salvation

All of this sound work is featured in more detail in a new video from The Creative Assembly titled, Lend Me Your Ears. Check it out below. 


Our Take
There seems to be a rising trend from game studios to feature popular actors and other talents from the film world. For a game like Total War: Rome II, this makes perfect sense. As seen in the Lend Me Your Ears video above, a game with the size and scale of Rome II can only benefit from the narrative depth provided by quality acting and a full orchestra.